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P4 Healthcare’s Pathways Program partners with payers across the country to establish clinically proven, evidence-based oncology treatment protocols designed to promote the delivery of high quality, cost efficient patient care. These protocols seek optimal patient outcomes by ensuring selections of the most cost effective medications, minimizing side effects, reducing errors, and minimizing toxicities. Patients, Payers and Physicians all benefit alike. Significant cost savings and enhanced care are realized by eliminating unnecessary medical costs, reducing hospitalization and selecting the most cost effective medications.

P4 manages the development of pathways by establishing a steering committee of locally based academic and community oncologists to ensure pathways reflect both rigorous evidence based medicine and the clinical expertise in that region. The steering committee meet quarterly to approve updates ensuring pathway protocols quickly reflect any proven medical advancements.

Participating physicians will utilize P4’s practice management and reporting service, eobONE. This proprietary management tool provides real time compliance information allowing for quicker intervention to modify behavior. In addition the information allows plans to quickly analyze current oncology spending and predict future costs.

P4’s strong relationship and infrastructure with the oncology community allows us to reach, educate and enroll oncology practices. Through live meetings, webinars and local sales associates, P4 establishes open discussions between payers and physicians in order to gain alignment and adoption of the P4 Pathways program.